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Vintage motorcycle custom build


Alley Kat.jpg

1939 H-D knucklehead single “Alley Kat”
Built : 2017 
Frame : modified early WL
Transmission : 4 speed in 3 speed WL case
Paint : Gen, Love Ear Art 

I built this single knuckle because it was inspired by W-1 called a mystery motor seen in Harley's pictorial book and museum. And taking advantage of the lightweight of a single, I wanted to make it a bike that is easier to ride for women and easy to handle. Because I wanted my wife Kat to ride it.

However, in order to single the Twin Harley engine, it is necessary to reconsider many mechanical factors such as weight and balance flywheels, compression, valves, cams and so on.

Those work are still continuing due to repetition of try and error. Currently, even in the streets and freeways, I started to run without any problems, but I'm planning to improve further as I am more comfortable to ride. It is a relationship between painter Gen from Love Ear Art and deepening friendship through work. I like his painting and personality very much, it is an irreplaceable existence.

The most important thing to build this “ALLEY KAT” is originality that is not fashionable or traditional. Also, to enjoy the process and production itself, with the beloved wife Kat and an important friend Gen. This bike was a very memorable, one that I love.