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Vintage motorcycle custom build


kiyo-surf-dickies-2010 2.jpg

1947 Harley-Davidson EL
Street bike  
Built : 2008
Engine : 1947 EL 61”, 1000CC 
Frame : 1947
Paint : Kiyo
photo: scott pommier, michael schmidt,

When I completed this 47 knuckle in 2008, there were not so many knuckles of these style.

It is a bobber inspired by the 40’s style, with chopped 3.5gal tank, a lots of OEM parts and old style hand paint.

This machine is a role like my technical teaching material and it is a memorable motorcycle that deepens the understanding of each specification and knuckle engine by trying 86” stroker, 74” high comp, 74” low comp, 61” stock etc. .

At that time, I had this only one motorcycle for the running vehicle. So commuter is this knuckle, also shopping, runs 200 miles on weekend, rainy day was also riding this one.

And this bike, made with soul, was like a part of my body. It is a very pleasant memory.